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About NH Fashion Week

The Difference
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At NH Fashion Week, our mission is to create the most memorable fashion shows that highlight the immense talent within New Hampshire and New England. Our events are designed to connect our community with local small businesses, fostering a thriving economy and vibrant cultural scene.

Our shows are crafted to entertain and amaze our guests, providing a platform that truly showcases our sponsors who are pivotal in supporting our local economy. Every event is meticulously planned to not only dazzle but also to ensure our sponsors receive the recognition they deserve for their invaluable contributions.

During our fashion shows, designers have the unique opportunity to shine both on the runway and in personal interactions with admirers and potential customers post-event. This creates a space for meaningful and lasting connections, allowing designers to engage directly with their audience.

Vieira Luxe is committed to making a difference by bringing the community together, celebrating local talent, and building strong, lasting relationships within our thriving local economy. Experience the difference with us, and be part of an event that truly matters.

With Love,


Hair and Makeup Artists prepping model for runway
Fashion Show

Our Brands

Brands and designers we collaborate with

Dina Akel- CEO of Vieira Luxe
Fashion Director

Olga Kwasniewski
CEO of Olga Konstanzia Showtime and Fashion Director of Gladys Magazine​
Planning Board Member

Meet Our Team

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